Another day another post.

I’ve seen more and more customers starting to use XML feeds, as they are easy to implement and update using a bunch of technologies. This also after the PHP & MySql backend to produce such a feed from a database.

Me and one of my colleagues Jonathan Berling created a little suit for Google Shopping (Merchant Center) of tools. These tools might help customer lighten their workload.

In this suit we have a ownership file generator for when a user have lost access to their accounts and needs to reclaim it.

Google Shopping XML generator. This is just a simple UI for customers to create their own PHP & MySql structured xml feed generator. Based on my GitHub.

Lastly, we’ve created a XML feed generator based on the requirements set by Google. Please note that all of this software are still being developed, and we are not responsible for your uses of it.

These tools are not by or in affiliation with Google, just two guys wanting to make their work day a bit less stressing.

Please feel free to leave us feedback, report bugs, and send us feature requests!

As the project continues to develop we plan on releasing the code to the public.

The tools can be found here

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